Leveraging Data to Mitigate Unemployment for Socio-economic Advancement.

Data2Employ utilizes data to connect job seekers with career opportunities in an effort to address the national unemployment crisis. Providing a platform that enables the government to predict future skill requirements in real time in order to empower individuals, guide policies, and promote socio economic progress.

Help empower individuals with gainful employment.

Data2Employ bridges the gap between job seekers and employment by analyzing national unemployment rates and industry demands. With interactive dashboards and customizable reports, it provides valuable insights to guide policy decisions. The platform's admin tool ensures smooth operations through efficient user and support management.

How it works?

Users can download the mobile app from the App Store or Play Store to receive real-time job matching alerts, enjoying additional features like personalized career path recommendations and multi-channel notifications to stay updated.

This Solution Features

Interactive Dashboard

A powerful analytics dashboard for policymakers, providing real-time insights into employment trends, demographic data, and regional job market conditions.

Job Matching

An intelligent algorithm that matches suitable job openings to candidates based on their preferences, experience, and skill set.

Career Development Resources

Gain entry to a comprehensive resource hub featuring resume-building tools, interview prep guides, and invaluable career development tips.

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