Empower HR with Strategic Workforce Analytics.

Data2Hire uses data to empower HR professionals to make informed decisions, optimize talent acquisition and retention, and strategically plan their workforce based on skills, salary, competition, and diversity. Transform your HR strategies with Data2Hire and stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of talent management and workforce planning.

Leverage Data to Drive Workforce Success.

Data2Hire integrates data from HRIS, ATS, and external sources into a comprehensive dataset. The platform's interactive dashboard provides real-time insights into workforce trends and risk scores, allowing HR teams to monitor and adjust strategies effectively.

Continuous refinement of predictive models which analyzes factors like job satisfaction, engagement levels, and market trends, ensures accuracy and adaptability, helping organisations optimise HR strategies and maintain a competitive edge.

How it works?

HR professionals can access the Data2Hire platform via a secure web interface, with comprehensive support and user management tools ensuring smooth operation and integration into existing systems.

Data2Hire High-Level System Design

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Stay Ahead of HR transformation with Strategic Workforce Analytics.

Transform your HR strategies with Data2Hire, the trusted platform for optimizing talent management and workforce planning with advanced, data-driven insights.

This Solution Features

Interactive Dashboard

A robust analytics dashboard providing HR professionals with real-time insights into employee turnover patterns, risk scores, and workforce trends, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Predictive Modeling

Advanced algorithms that analyse factors such as job satisfaction, engagement levels, career progression, and external market trends to predict employee turnover and retention risks.

Employee Risk Scoring

Assigns risk scores to employees based on predictive models, helping HR teams identify and prioritise at-risk employees for proactive engagement.

Comprehensive Data Integration

Seamless integration of data from internal systems like HRIS and ATS, combined with external labour market data, providing a holistic view of the workforce and labour market landscape.

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